Sotto il segno di Anubi 2014 - Game 3

After two games my score was pretty good, but two of the main competitors for the championship were still close. This round I met Paolo with his Neo babilonian army.

Paolo is the most dangerous player to face, so after we both had a very defensive set up, we decided to draw and play an aggressive battle.

Hittite deployed to exploit the gentle hill advantage, while Babylonians prepared a two corps attack against the hittire right wing


Both the armies extended their line to the right


There was also some skirmish on the left, but was just a sideshow, the battle was going to be fought and decided on the right


Hittite waited behind the crest line to charge downhill


Babylonian archers spearheded the attack


The combat was swift and bloody, with several chariots destroyed


Two downhill charges were enough for the babylonian army, that took enough casualties to break.


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