On 6th September 2015 there will be the DBMM tournament "Reinassance in the West" in Milan,

The theme will be about the wars of european nations in the early reinassance.

The event will be held in UESM, in Milan, via S. Uguzzone 8

The tournament will be over two games, of 3 hours and 30 minutes each, with 400AP armies.

The armies allowed, in the time span 1441-1515 AD, will be:


V/13 Medieval German

IV/16 Scots Common army

IV/21 Anglo Irish

IV/38 Murcian

IV/54 Medieval Scandinavian

IV/58 Medieval Irish

IV/61 Italian Condotta

IV/61 100YW English

IV/68 Medieval Spanish

IV/74 Free Company

IV/76 Early Burgundian

IV/79 Later Swiss

IV/80 Hussite

IV/82 French Ordonnance

IV/83 War of the Roses English

IV/85 Burgundian Ordonnance


To have as much army variety as possible, the subscribing player first to pick an army and send the army list, will receive a bonus of +1 points to his classment score. The second to pick the same army, will have a 0 bonus score, the third -1, the fourth -2 and so on.

The army pool showing subscribed players (showed in red on this page) and armies selected will be updated in real time.

The subscription will cost 5 Euro.

The subscription will open on the 31th of September 2015 at 0.00 hour.

Please contact the administrator to subscribe or if needing further informations.


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