Lords, Warriors and minions


On 13th October 2013 there will be "Lords, Warriors and minions" tournament in UESM, in Milan, v. S. Uguzzone 8.

The tournament is focused on european feudal armies. These usually had the core formed by the fiery and often unruly noble and mercenary knights that dominated the battlefields before steady infantry forces appeared again.

The following armies can be used at 350AP, in the time span from 1018AD (Oliventi battle) to 1298AD (Falkirik battle):

III/19 Welsh Cioffi M.

III/21 Italian Lombard

III/35 Feudal Spanish

III/52 West Frankish

III/53 East Frankish

III/63 Early Polish

III/73 Communal Italian Marini A.

III/77 Papal Italian

IV/3 Anglo Norman

IV/4 Feudal French

IV/5 Sicilian Paglianti P.

IV/7 Early Crusader Sarracino V., Morisi F.

IV/13 Medieval German Cisotto M., Moggi A.

IV/16 Scots Common

IV/17 Later Crusader Peroni D.

IV/21 Anglo Irish

IV/23 Feudal English Mele L.

IV/26 Lusignan Cypriot Boetti M.

IV/30 Teutonic Order Pinto M., Carnaghi A.

IV 32 Romanian Frank Vecchia M.

IV/56 Order of St. John Miguez A.

IV/57 Low Countries

The tournament is over three games in a single day, each one lasting 2.30 hours, with sudden end at umpire call. Combat phase already started will be finished.

There are some bonus to the final classment score:

- +1 point for each 20 enemy ME killed by own knights.

- The earlier army by date selected, will receive a bonus equal to the number of the players attending, the second earlier one a bonus equal the players number minus one and so on.

As example, in a 12 players pool, the one with a 1015 AD Norman army will receive at the tournament end +12 bonus points, while the players using Low countries in 1297 AD will have just +1 bonus. Ex aequo will be decided in favour of the army with the larger number of knights


9.00 Start of first game

12.45 Start of the second game

15.40 Start of the third game

18.30 Prize giving

The subscription will cost about 5 pay on day (it will depends by the number of players attending)

The winners will receive prizes

Army lists must be send before 6th october to lorenzomele @ libero.it