III/26 Early Croatian

C1- CiC ICvO, 10IKnF, 4IPsI, 8IAxS - 36ME

C2- SG ICvO, 10 IKnF, 4IPsO, 8IAxS - 36ME

C3- ICvO, 15 IAxS - 21ME

C4- 6IBgO - 6

Stratagems 15 AP: Scout + feigned flight or ambush + concealed command

The Kn must be deployed in deep formations, in two lines, 6-7 in front and 3-4 plus the general behind. To achieve this is necessary to put down some bad or rough going, that should be dominated by the AxS. The ideal attack is executed with both Kn groups side to side, after the Ax have gained some overlap.

The army must be played very aggressively.