T'ang Chinese

This is my preferred period of Chinese history, a succesful Empire that fatally overstretches itself and crumbles. The army is part of a huge project, because I would like to have all the armies that fought in the Tarim basin in VIII century A.D. I have T'ang and Turks, Tibetans and Arabs will follow.

The miniatures are all from Outpost. I like them a lot, the only flaw is the metal quality, that is a bit soft, so you need to handle every element with care. Thick bases do help.


T'ang generals, ready to stay out of the fray or charge in the thick of the enemy army


The elite of the army, the armoured cavalry archers.


This is the elite of the elite. Cataphracts, the best way to deal with most of the enemies


RCvO is an useful support, it can cover the wings, be a reserve and engage enemy Lh or soft targets



RLhF are very fragile, but the speed makes them excellent scout and outflankers


Chinese infantry is versatile and can be fielded in different troop types. BwX are a good way to have a solid center to support the mounted wings


Heavy infantry. With the change of most chinese close order infantry to PkF is used rarely.


RBwO can add more firepower, and give some RgO capability to the army.


RPsO skirmishers are few in the early period, so I use them all.


Shock infantry, IBdF. In the later period it is compulsory, so the army must be organized to use them properly


Tribal infantry, IWbF or IAxS. Another interesting addition to make enemy infantry honest.


The artillery train. Pressed in service when elephants are expected.